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Meet Steven Carrera. Co-Founder of SOCCER TRAINR

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Steven has been in soccer since the day he was born. Growing up watching his father Marcelo play with legends like Diego Maradona, George Best, Bochini and ultimately come to the US to play indoor and end his career in the MLS.

Steven played in college at Bowling Green State University but quickly realized coaching was his passion. Also working with the United States Soccer Federation for 3 years as a national teams coordinator and manager. After coaching for 8 years for IMG Academy and pursuing an A license, Steven gave up coaching club soccer and started training players individually.

"I fell out of love with the system of coaching in this country. I knew we were doing things wrong as a nation, as a league, even at the lowest to highest levels. I was tired of seeing systems and leagues use players for results while looking the other way when you asked their club how many players were going pro or making it to the highest level from their organization. Imagine going to a coaching course of the highest level and the instructor can't even do or has the experience, but they're telling you what to do. Would you let your dentist operate on your ankle? I don't think so." Says Steven Carrera, Co-Owners of SOCCER TRAINR.

We started SOCCER TRAINR Powered by A-Champs to empower coaches with specific and real knowledge that matters so that they can have their methodologies spread. We don't know everything about soccer, but we can start to collect everyone's methodology who does have success. That way we can share that knowledge and really teach the future players of tomorrow. With A-Champs app and technologies, we can break down every player and specifically work on their weaknesses and strengths.

Steven has been coaching amateur and professional players for over 15 years and wants nothing more than to spread the love of the game. His passion is as hot as fire and can be felt in his presence. But one thing is for certain, he wants nothing more than the love of the game to spread. His hope is to one day supply after school programs and non for profit programs with these tools and methodologies so that soccer isn't just a pay to play sport.

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