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SOCCER TRAINR enters San Diego market with new location

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In news that will be music to the ears of soccer players across San Diego County, SOCCER TRAINR announced today that they will be opening a new location in San Diego by the end of November. This new location will complement our existing location in Kansas City and will provide even greater access to quality instruction from knowledgeable trainers who have all played and coached at various levels of the game, whether in college or professionally.

As the owners of SOCCER TRAINR San Diego; Kaden Lewis, Conor McFadden, and Christian Duke bring their expertise as soccer players, mentors and trainers who have experienced firsthand how powerful and transformative it can be to receive training that is customized around the individual’s needs. Additionally, Christian is co-owner of SOCCER TRAINR Kansas City, which will celebrate its first anniversary at the end of 2022. He has had considerable success in influencing the lives of Kansas City youth. As part of the partnership with Kaden and Conor, he has established the San Diego and Orange County locations and will now bring the approach of sensor technology by A-Champs and data analytics to soccer in California for the very first time!

Athletes of all ages and skill levels can participate in a professional training program through SOCCER TRAINR San Diego, which offers access to San Diego's elite group of coaches. Their supplemental training utilizes A-Champs interactive technology to help athletes improve spatial awareness, speed of play, and cognitive skills while providing game-situational training.

We are always looking to improve the phases of the game, tactical, technical and the intelligence piece of the game. When you join the SOCCER TRAINR family, you will feel the passion and commitment our coaches have to the game by investing in the athletes to help build confidence by repetitions at a high intensity, as well providing a fun and safe environment for athletes to be successful.

SOCCER TRAINR San Diego is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its inaugural soccer camp by the end of November! More details to come soon!

For more information on our San Diego location please contact:


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