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SOCCER TRAINR powered by A-Champs is an initiative to empower coaches with specific and practical knowledge that can be shared. The goal is to collect successful methodologies and share them to teach the future players of tomorrow. Technologies are used to break down every player and work on their strengths and weaknesses by capturing data through game specific exercises.

Steven Carrera, co-owner of SOCCER TRAINR, fell out of love with the coaching system in the country due to the wrong practices that were being followed, from the lowest to the highest levels. The leagues were only focused on results, using players as tools, and turning a blind eye to the future of the players. “It was frustrating to attend coaching courses where the instructors lacked experience and knowledge, yet they were expected to teach the trainees. How can programs keep touting progress and development and not focus on every players individual needs.

Steven Carrera has been coaching amateur and professional players for over 15 years, and his passion for the game is evident. On top of helping coaches and clubs and trainers, he hopes to one day share his knowledge and love of the game by supplying after-school and non-profit programs with these tools and methodologies so that soccer isn't just a sport for those who can afford to pay.

We want to empower clubs and coaches around the country to provide the best possible training for their players. Our hope is that by sharing successful methodologies and promoting individualized training, we can revolutionize the coaching system and help develop the future stars of soccer. With a focus on player development and a dedication to the sport, SOCCER TRAINR is committed to making soccer accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background or social status. We will find a way to make it work in your community.


"Coaches are top-notch. Both of my boys find that in going they have a ton of fun while learning and growing as players. They provide a low stress environment where my boys can try out new skills or tricks without the pressure of performing. Every coach challenges and pushes them to do their best. I've seen a difference in their touches, etc. since starting. Best place to send anyone interested in developing their talent."


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